Sometimes I revamp old characters in my current style to pass time.  So I decided to revamp a few characters from old series of mine in 2011. It’s really fun for me, ok, I recommend.

can you try doing Leonardo from TMNT? I love your voice acting and I honestly think you'd make a great voice for Leo and the rest of the turtles.

Thanks!! I have next to zero knowledge about TMNT but yeah sure I’d love to try one day.

Mtmte au where everything is the same except Rodimus makes vines, just trying to do cool tricks but ends up falling on his ass and injuring himself 95% of the time Most of those end up w a high pitched scream or a “CALL RATCH-

i’ve made posts with all these words in them before on multiple occassions infact! haha i’m takin a break from doing tf stuff for a while but when i come back to it i’d love to do more of rodimus bein a goof :B

I'm sorry if this was already asked, but where do you normally get your sound effects from?

It’s okay. I get them from various video games I’ve purchased from steam like Left 4 dead and Tf2 but I also get them from various free sound effect websites, if you google say “explosion sound effect” or whatever sound effect you need, more often then not you’ll find a free downloadable version of it! Hope that helps.

Will you be doing anymore of Ultra Magnus from MTMTE? Hopefully something longer? 'Cause I heard it briefly in 'Catch My Drift' audio and it was just HNNNNNNNG

Nope! That’s not my voice. It’s lm-g1’s ! Go follow him, he’s awesome.

Do you think you'll ever do a voice for TC? I'd like to hear you take a shot at him!

Not any time soon, sorry. ;(

Do you have a voice for Thundercracker?



commission - Batgirl, KillerCroc—for SpecialEditionNYC and HeroesCon sketch list:


commission - Batgirl, KillerCroc

for SpecialEditionNYC and HeroesCon sketch list:


JERVIS TETCH → the Mad Hatter

"Not crazy, Alice. Mad. There's a difference you know. What is it, I can't remember - but you trust me on this."