I sincerely hope that you keep doing Rung voicework not only because your voice is my exact headcanon but also because my thirst for Rung/Whirl nsfw audio knows no bounds


i don’t think i’ll ever do that man sorry, but here’s rung getting flustered at your question

Your Rung voice is on point!!! I love it!

Thank you !! I dunno I was real worried about not getting it right because I like rung and he’s never been voiced before anyways yeah thanks /w\

I'm not familiar with David Hyde Pierce, but I've always imagined Rung to sound like Abel Nightroad from the English dub of the anime Trinity Blood. Oddly enough, your rendition of Rung sounds surprisingly similar to Troy Baker's! I can't include a link, but if you're interested, the first episode is available on Funimation's Youtube. The scene starting at 12:22 is a good example of his voice.

Wow dude that is such a huge compliment to me I’m such a huge fan of troy bakers, you have NO Idea *cough I may have a crush on him * I’ll check it for sure man! thanks for bringing this to my attention

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Please meet Nolan North at a convention and make him listen to this.

((You forgot Alpha Trion in your TFP FAQ cause you CAN sound like him! ))

Oh yeah I forgot I can do an alright George takei, thanks Kaeko!!

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Tailgate and the cat, a three part epic.



art by: cheekyposelenets

I get the feeling Starscream gets asked to stop yelling a lot, to which he shrieks "I'M NOT YELLING!" ("I'M NOT ANGRY. THIS IS MY NORMAL VOICE. WHEN I'M ANGRY YOU WILL KNOW IT!!")


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So I caved, here’s a Rung voice. I don’t really like it but hey they can’t all be winners haha

What is your favorite part of voice acting?

when people tell me how much it means to them, or how it makes them laugh or impact them in some positive way

Do you have a voice for Brainstorm?


i like the second one the best tbh uwu